Information Architecture

With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being created every day, we are literally being hit by a tsunami of bits and bytes. Yet it is precisely this richness in data from a multitude of sources that provides us with an enormous opportunity to derive real value for the enterprise. For this to happen we need to harness the supply chain to convert the bits and bytes into something more than just a binary signals from electronic switches. This starts with information architecture. In the same way that a Frank Lloyd Wright or an I.M. Pei can enable the transformation of iron, cement, wood, glass and steel into a magnificent building, information architects can convert raw data into useful manufactories of actionable information. Barquin International has been at the forefront of the information architecture discipline for many years, pioneering new approaches to address the needs of private firms and Federal government agencies.

The firm has provided “thought leadership” in information architecture along a rich spectrum, especially as linked to the production of business intelligence through analysis of data. Working with a variety of schemas for OLAP processing, whether through data warehouses, data marts, operational data stores or in the architecting of big data solutions, Barquin International has assisted numerous clients with innovative architecture solutions.