Barquin International is in the business of solving problems. All problems, at their core, must be addressed by making decisions relative to courses of action that eliminate, mitigate or manage the problem. Decision-support is driven by data and customers have a problem-solving value chain that starts with the raw bits and bytes that they collect in every human endeavor. Our firm specializes in assisting enterprises find system solutions to their problems by navigating that value chain.

Analytics is the discipline that formalizes and institutionalizes analysis and is what is done on data in order to extract value or meaning from it. It is essentially the process of analysis using computers, statistics and operations research to examine, dissect, assess, scrutinize, visualize and interpret the data in order to obtain information, intelligence and ultimately, knowledge. The direct output from analytics is business intelligence, the building blocks necessary to support decision-making. The better the business intelligence available to support a decision, the higher the probability of making a good decision.