About Us

Barquin International is a full-service information technology consulting firm focused on supporting U.S. Federal Government agencies and their partners. For nearly twenty years, this small business with a niche expertise has helped complex organizations leverage their data into enhanced actionable decisions. Today, the firm has developed recognized expertise in enterprise IT strategies, business intelligence and analytics, data warehousing, knowledge management, and information architecture. Founded by Dr. Ramon C. Barquin, author, lecturer, and information management expert, Barquin International has established a proven track record for results-driven solutions for Federal civilian, intelligence, and defense organizations.

We can help you access your data, store it efficiently and effectively, and train your staff on how to access it and make decisions based off their findings. We also provide training for your staff on how to build and interact with a data warehouse and how to establish knowledge management strategies to capture your employee's knowledge for the benefit of the larger organization.

When the organizational challenge involves conquering the overwhelming flow of data we can provide a custom-built, vendor-neutral solution that will allow you to manage your data efficiently, within a business intelligence strategy.